5 Must Have Eyelash Kits for 2021

Eyelash extensions have been the new trend in salons for a while and a set can range anywhere from $90-$250 and most get refills around every 6-8 weeks. However, at home eyelash kits have been on the rise and can help you achieve the same look for a fraction of the cost! This application can take a lot of time and effort but these products help make the process easier and  are a must have if you have been interested in getting eyelash extensions. So Here are 5 Must Have Eyelash Kits for 2021.

LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Kit – $44.99

LANKIZ Salon Pro eyelash extension kit is specially designed for experienced lash extension grafters. All eyelash extension products in this kit are high-quality that can be used on real human clients, including eyelash extensions, glue, practice mannequin head, remover, tweezers and other supplies.


Home PRO DIY Lash Extension Kit for Home Use – LANKIZ Luxury – $29.49

This lash kit gives you infinite possibilities to create countless lash looks at home. The melt flare 10D lash extensions are made of high quality fiber, three times faster & easier than single lashes. They are weightless, knot-free, and comfortable to wear. The lash kits allow you to customize your lashes from the most natural to supremely dramatic, everyone can be your own lash queens. DESIGNED TO BE WORN UP TO 10-14 DAYS


EBANKU 22PCS Eyelash Grafting Set – $34.99

This eyelash extension kit makes it easier to practice eyelash extensions. The mannequin head has a smooth, realistic surface texture and simulates human skin, which is more practical for practicing. Using five-point practice isolation paper you can learn eyelash isolation quickly and easily. Tools include: clean cotton swabs, eyelash comb, grafting ring, gasket and tape for eyelash extension practice, and a free admission bag that can store your eyelash extensions tools to avoid losing them.


Full Professional Eyelash Extension Kit – $26.98

This kit creates an incredible natural curling looking and it’s scrupulous in separating eyelash clearly, it makes your eyes look attractive! This kit consists of high quality gentle ingredients to help create long-lasting eyelashes. This eyelash lift is an innovative way to curl eyelashes and make them look younger, longer and thicker.


Cuckoo Eyelash Extension Kit – $49.99

The Cuckoo Eyelash Extension Kit includes: mannequin head with 4 pairs removable training eyes, eyelash extension glue and individual lashes, eyelash extension tweezers, lash extension remover, 50pcs spoolie brushes,100pcs micro applicator brushes, 5pcs five-point practice isolation paper, and 100pc glue rings.


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